Predictive Maintenance (PdM) of Rotating Machinery in the Israeli industry since 1986


Tisar develops and maintains the implementation the Predictive Maintenance method: Database creation Data collection Data analysis and reporting

Tisar is committed to

Early Alerts of developing abnormalities within the machinery Identification of abnormal machines Characterize the abnormality within the machine Determines Urgency of Maintenance action required


Our activity gives the customer the ability to decide on the nature of future activities, regarding maintenance actions and planed shutdowns. Customer can base his decision on objective information what is the best time to meet minimal lost production - Opex savings.


Tisar Ltd. was founded in 1986, with the vision and the need to change the old fashioned ideas and patterns of machinery maintenance. The company specialises in Predictive Maintenance services utilising vibration analysis techniques. Tisar is Israel's Predictive Maintenance leading firm providing its services for numerous manufacturing plants with clients including: petrochemical, cement, food, semiconductors, power plants, marine, water, and water treatment, plastic, pharmaceutical, glass, refineries etc. Its skilled team includes highly experienced machinery engineers.


The PdM system is based on determining the machinery condition as it operates, thus, determining the required treatment long before failure. This allows minimising the number of hours / days machines are not in operation due to maintenance requirements.


Analysis of the machinery vibrations provides a reliable indication as to the quality of the operation of the machine and the developments of failure mechanism, wear and tear. Advanced information about a developing problem in a machine is essential for maintenance planning.

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